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Benefits of using motivation techniques for learning behavior!

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Students are found highly motivated in art lessons, but when it comes to other subjects, they are not as much provoked to listen to the teacher’s lecture. Why is this so? This is because most of the pupils lack close attention in the class while other subjects are taught to them. They are less energized, less directed and their behavior is not at all sustainable for the teacher. On the contrary if teacher explains them a little bit about the topic beforehand then it could be a trigger for the students. It can get them moving and take them towards the desired direction and keeps them going on during the whole class. It means that students are in actual engaged cognitively, emotionally and behaviorally with the teacher in the class.

  • Here is motivating students can help teachers in various ways:
    • By using motivation, teachers can direct the behavior of students towards their desired goals. They can also decide the specific goals for which they want their learners to strive upon.
    • This also helps to enhance the effort and energy in students. This energy could be positively directed towards their needs and goals and they can chase up the task passionately and heartily.
    • This motivation also augments the beginning and perseverance in classroom activities. Students are much enthusiasts to continue the work until it is finished by them as given by the teacher. This is one of the significant factors which can influence their learning and achievement process when they are given the most difficult tasks like formulation of a thesis statement. When you need an online paper for sale, there are quite a lot of places where you can look for help!
    • It also impinges on the cognitive process positively. The process of gaining the information and then using it effectively is altered broadly in a positive direction when students are motivated.
    • Motivation also deciphers which of the consequences as depicted by the students are reinforcing and rewarding. The more the students are provoked to gain the academic achievement, the more they will become proud of getting an A grade and become disturbed by a lower grade. The more they will wish to become accepted, the more they will be valuing the association in a group.
    • The process of motivation also increases the performance of students. It leads towards a goal directed behavior and all the efforts, the process of cognitive development, and the impact of experiences will be identified in a positive direction. Students will definitely become high achievers instead of facing the risk of dropping out!



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