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Technology Makes Education Easier Or Harder, The Question Of Today

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Take a look at technology through a different lens

Everyone knows how much the use of technology has evolved and become important in institutions and educational systems. The primal pen and paper were enough to take down notes and write assignments and articles. In today’s time, as compared to students in the past, students have a visual capacity of learning, rather than textual. The latest technology also allows ample ideas to provide homework help for college students who have a hard time tackling it on their own. This gives institutions and instructors to play around and come up with innovative ideas that implement technology and allow students to learn better and quicker.

Technology allows instructors to gain the short attention span of students and get them to focus on a lecture as they begin to lose focus. The use of laptops, tablets and projectors allows students to get excited about their lectures and pay a whole lot more attention than they would if a teacher stands in front of a blackboard and paraphrases what is written in print in the book. Therefore technology is what allows teachers to rest and perhaps even slack a little and allows students to take the steering wheel and understand learning rather than have it spoon fed to them.

Use of laptops in class and also the use and encouragement of printed assignments instead of handwritten allow students to use the modern day technology for a far more useful and productive reason.They get intrigued and are most likely to get more involved and participate in class lectures and homework assignments. It would perhaps be incorrect to say that technology is all positivity, there is nothing but a fine and definitive line between its encouraging and discouraging use. But it is the implementation of its use with the correspondence of education that makes it a big asset for students to participate and progress in their educational careers. Writing assignments, researching and coming up with ideas and most importantly, using different elements of technology to present it is what makes it worth the while.



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