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Social Media Affects Education In The Most Unlikely Way

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Social media your educations arch nemesis?

Social media has always been seen as a limiting factor when seen in terms of education; however that is not entirely the case. It can actually be seen as a prompter than anything else. It can become a forum and a platform for students to conduct discussions where everyone participates, share their work and receive constant feedback and even learn the positive and productive use of cite reduced only for menial and insignificant activities.

Social media can be a place where even famous authors, writers or whatever the subject being taught, can be approached and made part of the discussions. They can in turn give a guideline or two to students and get them interested with the thought of being able to share their original work with a famous person. It allows instructors to conduct lectures from across the globe or even have writers conduct lectures from their home with a passion to meet a particular author or poet. Hence, not just the opportunity of buying cheap assignments is made available on these forums, but a lot of others are also provided!

It can be taught to the students such that while they share their work on the forum they also learn how to use it professionally and perhaps build a strong audience for a future business venture they have planned for themselves. This turns a ridiculous use of social media into a professional study and work environment. It allows the students to give constant feedback to their peers, give constructive criticism which allows them to come prepared to class beforehand. There are a million ways how one place can be used to benefit the people of tomorrow and even seen through a definite educational lens, social media can definitely be the one to probe all that is intellectual and significant for the students to know so they develop a proper and an intellectual mind set for themselves and perhaps even build a business out of it.


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